New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Masseuse

Luvely Lacey

Luvely Lacey

New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Masseuse

My General


Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 162cm

Bust: D (Natural)

Dress Size: Eight

Identifies As: NZ Euro With A Twist

Age: Somewhere in My Twenties

Tattoos: None

Smoker: Never

Piercings: Ear & Navel

Shoe Size: NZ7 | UK5.5

Drinker: Chardonnay & Champagne

 Things That

Interest Me

Music: Jazz, Male Opera, Rock, Pop

Hobbies: Hiking & Reading

Coffee: Is Life! I Enjoy Americanos & Lattes 

Lingerie: My Number One Addiction. If You Would Like To Gift Me Something For Your Eyes Only, Please Talk To Me During Our Next Session

If I Could I Would Spend All My Time: Travelling The World

Perfumes: Light And Floral (But I Never Wear It During Bookings)

Secret Love: Faber-Castell Polychromos

Movies: Marvel Universe. Fun Fact: I’m A Total Wuss And Cant Watch Horrors

I Favour



I Enjoy

Genuine Connections


I’m A Shameless