New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Masseuse

Luvely Lacey

Luvely Lacey

New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Masseuse



To say that I am completely infatuated with erotic massage would be the understatement of the millennia.
For me, massage is an escape from the world; a suspended moment in time where the only thing worth my attention is you. My approach to erotic massage is to induce a total overload for the senses. Forget ‘mind blowing’, let’s go one step further. I want to ride the wave of pleasure a little harder with you, tumbling head over heels into unimaginable, full bodied bliss.

Walk the fine line between intimacy and hedonism with me.
I love that look you get when you realise you are in for the time of your life as the girl next door goes from sweet and charming to a ravishing tease. I relish in watching you build up with pleasure and being so aroused that just the tip of my finger sliding up your leg will feel like a mini orgasm. After all, isnt the build up half the fun?

As an intelligent and intuitive young lady I pay attention to what I see and hear to ensure I keep you stimulated intellectually and physically. I present myself in a confident yet unpretentious way.  Whether I take the lead or submit to your desires, give myself fully to you, adapting seamlessly and with ease to your body language and energy. I am cheeky, sassy and genuine in the way I speak. I give as good as I get and shamelessly flirt as I entice you into playing my game of temptation.

I am an

Erotic Artist


Sensual Massage:

Naked Poetry


Let’s Go To

Our Happy Place


Get It Right

Turn Me On


One Of My Favourite Kinks:

Foot Fetish


Real Words