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Quote Originally Posted by TM Via Google Reviews

After a few years of waiting largely due to being out of NZ and then things not falling in place with schedules, I finally had the most amazing time with Luvely Lacey at Bella Nova.

I’ve been to about 20+ massage sessions with other SM professionals and I can honestly say that Lacey is by FAR the best masseuse I’ve been with. Her entire focus throughout is on the ‘sensual’ part of sensual massage which is generally hard to come by. You must make time for at least one session with Lacey to understand this, it is one of those Matrix things – you must feel it for yourself.

She is an expert at what she does, and deservedly has her legion of fans. If you have read the reviews on her site, I must tell you that she exceeded my expectations, and you can actually see (feel?) that she means it when she says this is a passion for her – she is completely ‘with’ you in mind and body throughout the booking.

Aside from which she was super pleasant to talk to throughout, I did tell her the photos on her site really do not do her body justice – 11 out of 10, curves in all the right places, and she’s stacked!

Money extremely well spent, and I daresay that she could easily charge more for the high levels of energy and vivacity that she brings to the table (literally, heh). Go on, indulge yourself, and make a booking. You won’t regret it.

Quote Originally Posted by FooBar

A lovely evening with Luvely Lacey – December 2020

Our schedules are hard enough to align at the best of times and 2020 has seemed to have dialed this up to 11. Before this weekend we hadn’t had the opportunity to catch up in a week shy of year (our last catch up was before the Liam Gallagher gig), so with a bunch of AirNZ credits burning a hole in my pocket, I went “fuck it, going to book a flight to Auckland, on a day that our schedules do align!”.

Being in different cities doesn’t always make it the easiest, but we have managed to spend some very enjoyable times together since 2013. This time was no exception.

Given I was making a special trip to Auckland, I made this a special night. I started off by arranging a nice suite at the Sofitel.

The evening started by heading to a restaurant for dinner. Lacey met me there and she was looking stunning as she walked in. While she walked to our table, we made eye contact across the room and a smile grew across both of our faces and there was the little lip bite thing people do, as they ponder what the rest of the evening will have in store for them.

Dinner consisted of great food, lovely company, and superb conversation with many laughs enjoyed. The way to Lacey’s heart is definitely through great food. There was some wagyu beef & you could see the moment it melted in her mouth. (She is most probably blushing heavily right now :P) She said “great food is like a mini orgasm” and if the evening’s food was to go I wholeheartedly agree.

Once dinner was done we walked back to the hotel along the waterfront, with the setting sun making the sky a lovely colour, to complement my even more lovely companion for the evening.

Getting back to the hotel room allowed us to remove the clothes, which we had been mentally been removing from each other for some time now and allowed us to start to explore each other’s bodies. We had plenty of time, so there was no need for us to rush. Lacey has a beautiful body to explore and she has a magical way of exploring mine.

One thing I have always enjoyed about catching up with Lacey, is that no two times are ever the same. She has a wonderful knack of understanding what we would like and reading the mood, which results in the rendezvous we actually need, opposed to the rendezvous we think we needed beforehand. It is great when you can form a connection with someone and you can just riff off the vibe. When great people spend time together, awesome things just happen.

I will be looking back at this soirée with very fond memories for some time and I will have to remember to control that secret grin which grows while your mind wanders onto past experiences.

I guess Lacey and I will have to start thinking about making paths cross again, without having to wait a year this time.

Quote Originally Posted by Donaldh06

10 years ago I said I would be going back for sure, but somehow for a decade life and circumstance made a liar of me. After so nearly bumping into her last week, remembering my disappointment the last time she took a break steeled my resolve, I made the booking 5 days out to be certain.

The first time we met left me with scenes in my mind that I will never forget, I kept going over them as the date got closer. The nearer it got the more nervous I got – had I built this up to be something that it wasn’t?

The day arrives and I’m walking up those small blue steps to No4 and it all feels a bit surreal. I’m gripped by the same nervous excitement as going to my first rock concert – I feel like I’m 14 again and I’m grateful for the seamless familiar transition at Debonairs.

In the room, paperwork done and I’m leaning against the table, watching the light under the door in anticipation … then she’s there. For the briefest moment I panic, Is this Lacey? I couldn’t remember what she looked like – I didn’t recognise her! We carry on with the routine and she shows me the shower, then as she stands in the daylight I recognise her, it’s obvious it’s Lacey – the lighting threw me off.

I’m face down with Lacey naked and in attendance. She has subtly blossomed from the girl I met 10 years ago into a stunning lady, no – a STUNNING lady. After a short mix of massage and caress she stands at the head of the table and sweetly asks if she can have my hands. “Of course” I say, she takes them and places them on that glorious body. I caress her as she slowly and seductively dances, then the first flashback, it’s the same scene in my head from 10 years ago – like an electric shock, I have to check myself, it feels like I’m caught in a movie.

Then the magic begins, and I mean magic in the Arthur C Clarke sense of the word…her understanding of sensuality is so advanced, to a mortal like me it’s indistinguishable from magic. She’s not just touching me in a way that’s pleasant or sexy, she’s prompting me – driving me, drawing me to a place that I can’t say no to. She’s moving in subtle, carefully considered ways so seamlessly it’s hard to describe, and then something I’ve never felt before. She slides up and ever so gently bites my ear and breathes in a way that creates a familiar shiver, a tingle, hairs standing on end. Nothing remarkable about that, but then she moves in a way that makes that sensation travel down my whole body.

The turn over.
There she is in all her glory, feeding me with subtle cues, taunting, teasing, dancing and inviting. By now I’m convinced she’s not an artist, she’s a Sorceress. If I’m trapped in a movie it’s ‘Dusk till Dawn’ and she is Salma Hayek minus the snake, by now the question is will I make it out alive? She leaves deliberate gaps in the build up, and thank god for that, I really started to feel light headed – and then the home run, she didn’t hide it or signpost it – just kept building with an unrelenting sense of purpose. The technique was astonishing, I’m too much of a gentleman to describe it and not good enough a writer to relate how it felt without sounding like a hippie tripper. I do not know how you could feel that much ‘in the moment’ with another human being without being on drugs.

If love is a drug then Lacey is love.

TL;DR – EPIC does not cover it.

Quote Originally Posted by George71

Hi there I thought it was time I did another review and try some new ladies and establishments. I’ve been a one woman man for the last two months… and been a lot of times in that period. So time to get outside my comfort zone and go exploring. SM is my thing as it feels way more intimate than paid sex. Maybe, I’ve not met the right FS lady but I just adore the total indulgence of SM. Having a beautiful woman rolling around on top of you, teasing you, caressing you, taking care of your every need, there’s no stress, no hassle, I just lie back and soak it all in. Maybe, I just enjoy having a woman take charge and having the whole experience be all about me? It’s even better if there’s a connection with the lady, it raises the intensity (for me) and makes the whole experience even better. I thoroughly recommend repeat visits if you find someone special, as I have recently. Welcome other peoples views here.

So with that in mind and after reading almost every recent review on SM practitioners in Auckland one name came up time and time again. The Luvely Lacey (LL). I knew she only worked limited hours so the chances of seeing her would be slim. So when I checked Debonairs website and saw she was working I sent a text two hours before they opened! I didn’t hear back after an hour so sent another one and was offered two slots of either an hour or 45 mins. I went with the hour. You pay a premium for LL but its worth it (refer below).

I’ve never been to Debonairs before but its easy to find and reasonably discreet. Unless you’ve been there yourself no one would know that pretty much the whole top floor is devoted to SM pleasures!

Met reception, paid my money and was taken to another part of the top floor to meet LL. Wow what a beauty! Super sexy with a hot toned body (wearing a lovely pink teddy), beautiful eyes and an absolutely mischievous little smile. Friendly greeting and she checked if I knew about SM. I said I did and she said good (probably checking I wasn’t a first timer expecting a normal massage?) and asked me to undress and shower. You should be aware that from the point she entered the room she was with me the whole time and only left me alone while I showered at the beginning and end. When I returned she was waiting for me ready to go. She’s a lovely friendly lady who loves to chat. She paid me many compliments which I lapped up and when I returned the compliments she thanked me for being so nice! Such a genuinely lovely person who is obviously a very nice person in real life.

Starting on my stomach she begins and very soon the sensuality is getting up there. She moves around the table heaps, there’s loads of oil, she’s whispering in my ear (I love that!), she’s massaging me but throwing in some erotic elements (this is within five minutes of me lying on the table!). She then starts using her magical powers and the intensity goes up another five levels. Using telekinesis she magically levitates my butt. Who needs a glory hole when you can lift a guy’s butt with the power of your mind! At this point I’m not saying much but I am groaning and uttering the odd word like “oh”, “god”, “amazing”, “fantastic”. Its a strange site to catch yourself in the mirror and see your butt in the air and LL working her magic and flashing you her cheeky smile and making intense eye contact. By this stage we are 10 or so mins in and the levels are just going up and up. Now she’s doing something else back there (I’m still on my front BTW) and she just keeps on going. It feels divine, amazing but now I’m starting to panic because I might finish very soon. Some how as if reading my mind or picking up on the clues I sending (I’m groaning and moaning and my breathing is getting very fast) she backs off and gives me another one of those incredibly cheeky and knowing smiles. We pause briefly for me to catch my breath and roll over.

Now I’m on my back the levels are going up again, now the readings can’t be taken anymore as we are red lining! I’m so glad I work out because I need all my strength to hold on, she’s pouring oil all over herself while locking me in her trance, she’s encouraging me to put my hands on her and I do. On and on we go, more and more, faster and faster, intensity on top of intensity. The only thing I can liken it to is the most focused and erotic cock worship you can imagine. She keeps you on the edge the whole time. Now she’s doing something really erotic and I realise this could be the end and I try and relax but she’s having none of it and just keeps on going, but even faster, there’s absolutely nothing I can do and the finish is like being sucked down a worm hole, flashing lights, a sense of leaving my body and then the sudden release and the feeling of floating in space. Wow what a head rush!

The whole erotically intense section of our session would have been at least 35 mins. No respite, no stopping (save one small gap to roll over), just full bore at maximum revs. Unbelievable!

There’s still about 15 mins left so I’m wondering what happens next. I’m still panting and getting my breath back and thanking her over and over again. LL’s aftercare is something else she really looks after you as you recover, wiping you down slowly and methodically, smiling and explaining what’s happening (like a super sexy nurse might after you wake up from a major operation). She covers you with soapy water and rubs it in so all the oil (she uses an absolutely ton of oil) will easily was off in the shower. Leading you to the shower and starting it for you. I return after my shower and she is waiting for me (with a towel wrapped around her). We chat while I dress. I really did like that particular aspect (the never being alone and her being there the whole time from the moment she entered the room).

I will definitely return again and she likes to change it up and make each session different from the last, which I must say really appeals.

Absolutely lovely caring lady.

Thanks so much Luvely Lacey!

Quote Originally Posted by Wade

Lacey really should come with warning labels.

“Do not operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery after seeing Lacey due to potential light headed dizzy spells.”

This lady is so amazing. Had a spare bit of time today, so thought i would chance my luck. As it happened Lacey was available for a quick 45 min session. Booked and off to see her.
She rocks into the room wearing her fitness gears. God dam!! Makes me want to go and get a gym membership! Better than lingerie I think.
Massage was incredible, soft grazing nails, soft breath on the back of the neck, lots of laughs. Got totally worked up into a frenzy. Went to turn over but was completely light headed. She then took the pace up a few steps. The way this lady moves around the table is brilliant. she loves to show off her stunning body. No two sessions are the same. Massive explosive finish and whole body shaking. Only reaction i could get out was laughter, don’t know why, my mind was total mush by then. I just lay on the table trying to catch my breath and then nearly keeled over when i went to stand up. all my blood was elsewhere.

Think it took about a hour for me to regain full consciousness after.

If you have never experienced a SM from her before make sure to book her. Treat her kindly and respect her boundaries. But just don’t drive home after.

I nearly crashed… twice.. as i said, she should come with warning labels.

Quote Originally Posted by Griggo

I figured it would be rude not to check out the Bella Nova digs and gawp once more at the totally stunning Luvely Lacey. The premesis is easy to find and centrally located. Nicely appointed room with a great shower in the corner.

Lacey looked stunning, absolutely stunning. She has an amazing body as she works out and has great genes. Today she met me with the most amazing set of heels I have seen in a long time which she duly kept on for the entire massage. She also had on a beautiful red lingerie set. So take a moment and picture that… beautiful lady in killer heels and very sexy red lingerie. Click, got that mental picture? I certainly have, engrained into my memory forever.
Great service, great massage, legendary lady. Good times all round. Big G tick of approval.

Quote Originally Posted by Cardsharp

She’s well reviewed, but no relatively recent ones. I thought I’d share my experience if there’s anyone considering whether or not to see Lacey.

So, should you see her? Is that a real question? Of course you should.

Booking: Did so over email. It was super easy ahead of time and her response quick when I confirmed the night prior to our appointment with instructions.

Location: Clean, discreet premises. It is shared with other SM’s w/ a shared shower – but when I was there it was just her working and a non-issue. If you go during a busy time, they do their best to avoid crossing paths, but there’s always a chance you might bump into someone in the hallway.

Lacey: She’s hot.

I can’t imagine any red-blooded man or woman not having something stir inside them at the sight of her, unless you’ve got a specific hangup or preference for a certain color hair, body type, etc. Go to her site, read her description of herself. She’s a hot articulation of those traits. For some reason I got a Jennifer Lawrence vibe from her (face shape, eyes and lips) but I’ll concede I’m probably the only one who’ll ever think that.

The Experience: Not going to go into specifics, mainly because I get the impression that every hour spent with her is different, which is part of what makes it so great. Again, read her site – she describes her style as “intimate and teasing”, which I would definitely agree is accurate. I’d add another adjective, “playful.”

I’ll hit on the most important aspects of the experience, for me. She was super easy to talk to. Some SMs are awkward and can’t carry a conversation. And if the girl is awkward, I’m going to be awkward. Not the case with Lacey. I was still probably awkward as hell, but she fooled me into thinking I wasn’t.  Anyway, being put at ease is an important part of the SM experience, and that wasn’t even a thought with her.

She’s great at the massage and build up. She gave one of the better massages I’ve had, and her extra tricks and touches were above and beyond the usual tools most SMs use. Definitely sent a few shivers up and down my spine before I even turned over.

Last, and perhaps her greatest talent as an SM – the ability to make you suspend disbelief. There were definitely a couple times where the line between “I just showed up to pay a random stranger to give me a sensual massage” and “I’m having a genuine connection with this person” was completely obliterated. Who knows whether it was genuine or if she’s just amazing at her job. I know I don’t care! If an SM can get you out of your own head and into the moment, that’s the highest compliment I could give.

The hype is real. My only regret is that I saw her on my last day in Auckland – hopefully my travels take me back to the country while she’s still working!

Quote Originally Posted by Gaia

Yeah! It’s our birthday! I’m so happy to be celebrating it with you! What a great first year it’s been. Well done Lace for running an amazing show, you deserve all the chocolates, hearts and kisses in the world. And have more monies!! Your care and committment to Debonairs and the team is unwavering. So professional and well run. You really have a big heart and you spoil us more than any lover I’ve ever had and amazingly you do this for all of us.

Love and appreciate you lots! Thank you for being your wonderful self.

Quote Originally Posted by Namichan

I might be preaching to the choir here but I feel the need to write a few words about my near religious experience with this goddess.

Lacey was so present and in the moment the whole time that I was there. My mind didn’t have a single moment at any time to wander as she was so fully occupied in tempting, tantalising and teasing me. I couldn’t be drawn away from her gorgeous, sensual eyes and lips except for when she drew me away to visually explore the rest of her.

Lacey has a tender, sensual knowing touch that stimulated and thrilled all parts. She had a knack of drawing to a near conclusion and then catching my eye and dragging us both back. Eventually she prevailed and I succumbed.

Oh my goodness, I’ll be back

Quote Originally Posted by Ryanfletcher

This will be my first review. Done a few punts, but no one worth a review until now. Lacey, as everyone knows, offers top notch service and a character to boot. Booked her yesterday (a treat for myself as a birthday gift). And the session was nothing short of excellent. Only thing to complain was (my fault), not having enough time to book a longer session. Promise to book another session with you girl.

Quote Originally Posted by Paul.Litely

So there she was, with beaming smile and hair tucked neatly in a ponytail, the legendary Lacey! I wasn’t really sure what to expect and definitely do not know what I was actually doing there. You see, this was my first contact with a WG and a night before that, I was just randomly browsing and somehow landed on her site! Based on what’s written all throughout her site, I came to the conclusion that behind that hidden face lies a witty intelligent person who knows what she is doing, has fun doing it, and has even set boundaries for herself and her clients. Now that, my dear friends is what got me! A few more searches, clicks here and there and voila, I got the booking the next day! And so goes my story, those sweet smiles, the gentle caress, those spine tingling nail grazes, the daring bodyslides (copied from site, ha ha), shiver inducing breast sweeps, an oh so warm touches that melts any stress away, erotic whispers and those seductive glimpses combine to give you pleasure to the utmost level! Now that’s talking about her service, and how about Ms Lacey herself? She is one damn hot lady to behold! If you think her photos are hot, you’re not seeing the big picture (pun intended)! Gorgeous as she is, she has those lips that carves the sweetest of smiles, those eyes that pierces you seductively, those oh so yummy firm legs, those lovely buns waiting to be held, those perfect breasts and a simply perfect figure to top it all off. Breathtaking. When you get to see her in all her glory, you would just have to wonder if there is another better view in New Zealand, and if there is any better Kiwi experience to be had anywhere else. And did I mention about the small talk in the end? Ah, it is like finding a long lost friend and you had so much to talk about! That, is the legendary Lacey. But you will just have to take my word for this, as I do not have anyone to compare her to, and I must say I’d rather not look for anyone either. 4 sessions and doubles later, I felt obliged to share this. It’s a testament to this wonderful lady. And although circumstances dictate that I may not be able to drop by again at see her anytime soon, if you’d ask me if I would, I’d say there’s nothing to think about. I’d do it in a heartbeat if I could. Thank you Lacey, it has been a PLEASURE!

Quote Originally Posted by Blindman

Like you I am a FS guy, but in saying that I have been to see Lacey more than once, and that is a testimony to her personality and supreme sexiness. If you are going to try SM then she is your girl. Just respect her boundaries, she has been doing this a long time, and I have to admire her not compromising on what she is prepared to provide, though having met her I kind of wish she would. But all admiration well deserved.

Quote Originally Posted by Griggo

I’ve seen Lacey a few times now and she is just awesome. A beautiful lady with an AMAZING body. It just keep getting better.
Thanks Lacey

Quote Originally Posted by Igotthis

My favourite thing about Lacey is she exudes confidence like I have never seen before. You can see it in her smile, it’s cute and sexy and you know resistance is futile. I rocked up there all cool with my “Don’t worry guys, I got this!” swagger and she turned me inside out, that when I left I forgot which planet I was on.

Quote Originally Posted by Griggo

Lacey is great, a really nice gal and give a great massage. Her body is fantastic, a toned work of art. I’ve seen her a few times now and always come away feeling good and minus a load. Keep up the good work Lacey… I’m slightly distressed to read your leaving the country at the end of the year though!

Quote Originally Posted by PunterNumber1

Wellington has lucked out here for sure and the initial review says it all – Lacey is an outstanding practitioner of the art of SM.

Whilst she has a few rules – don’t we all – if you abide them, then you will be in for a truly memorable time.

Lacey has the uncanny ability of knowing when to push on and when to ease off, enabling her to tease and arouse you, so that you are constantly teetering on the edge of ecstasy.

IMHO – and many others just check out all her Auckland reviews – Wellington punters currently have the best of SM in NZ available to you.

Happy Punting Guys – although in this case there is no punting per se as Lacey carries a 100% guarantee to please.


Quote Originally Posted by  Zappy1

I recently noticed that Lacey was visiting from Auckland at [establishment]. Now SM does it for me so I quickly secured a 1 hr booking at lunchtime today. Ducked out of work got down there bang on time and had the most wonderful hour with Lacey. I have never met her before but was instantly at ease in her company. Up on the massage table I was treated to wonderful views from all angles, an excellent massage which eased my pains and an earth shattering finale.

I have had 6 or so sm experiences in the last 18 months and this really stood out. Different to my other top equal rated lady (also of [establishment]) so sensual and relaxing. Wow. I missed out other times she had visited but truely worth the wait.

Lacey seems very kind and genuine, a stunning babe and fully worthy of her reputation. Would I go back? I already have a booking.

Quote Originally Posted by Perceheron

I now count myself a member of the legion of Lacey fans. I had the opportunity to spend time with her last week on her visit to Wellington.

Many others before me have described her beauty and her talents So I will not belabour the point.

One thing I will say is do not stint yourself with this wonderful lady, you will regret it. When booking my appointment with her I had to decide on the duration. Some instinct told me to make it 2 hours. Thank you instinct you were spot on. The time passed far too quickly but we managed to fit a whole lot of fun into it.

Will I see Lacey again? Without a doubt. It is a pity I am already occupied on her next visit.

Come back to Wellington often Lacey we miss you down here.

Quote Originally Posted by Scubamike

I’ve finally managed to see Lacey, after having to cancel the first time, for valid reasons.

This is the first time that I had indulged in a sensual massage. Lacey is cool, good looking with a lovely exotic mix and has a great body. We had lots to talk about and I just enjoyed her soft touches. The session was unrushed, sensual and erotic at the same time. What a nice way to end a hectic short week at work. I walked out with a big smile on my face. 

Quote Originally Posted by Justin Cyder

I was at a bit of a loose end yesterday having finished business meetings so gave [establishment] Auckland a call and was fortunate to get an appointment with Lacey.

Lacey appeared and all I can say is WOW. She really is a bit of a stunner. Got showered and negotiated the extras. I really don’t mind this as I always regard going for a FBSM as being a totally different experience from a FS visit and well worth a premium with the right girl.

Lacey was well spoken, intelligent and extremely skilled. For someone so young she relates well to older guys such as me and puts you at ease. She really knows how to hit the right spots 

She is well worth visiting and I will certainly do so on my next trip to AKL……Thanks Lacey

Quote Originally Posted by donaldh06
Just been to see Lacey – she was everything that Brett and the advertising said and more!
Met the receptionist, paid up front and was introduced to the lovely Lacey. She is a pretty, petite lady with a very pleasant, bubbly personality. She says she enjoys the job – her bright smile and an energy level throughout the session that suggests this must be true.
I paid the extra for full body contact and it was worth it to be contacted by such a beautiful body. She is every bit as lovely as the photographs suggest. She has an amazing ‘lightness’ and ‘sensuality’ that is hard to describe – and she knows how to tease – I mean really tease. She can really flaunt herself without being precocious.
Her build up was perfect, her teasing was mesmerizing, it was as intense a time as I have experienced. As good as it gets.10/10 – will be going back for sure.
Quote Originally Posted by elevate

Urge wins! … I Had the afternoon off so I went and saw lacy today and im glad I did as it’s the Best massage I have had.

The massage started off terribly, I was nervous as for some reason (ill blame the mee gorang I had for lunch) and when she asked if I had been there before I just bleated out no when I had been there on like Monday. Of course once it’s out it’s to late to take back so yep great start and I probably blabbed during the massage to

Anyway Lacey was very friendly and explained the “rules” to me which was great because I am not the type of person who would say something like “can you be nude please hehehe”. Lacey is a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and a super fly body so taking the nude option was a no briner as far as I was concerned, and my good judgement was rewarded at multiple stages of the massage.

Lacey’s massage was a complete contrast to the one I got from Angelina a few days before, Lacy gives a much more intimate and playful experience rather then going straight for the pressure points if you like. Her touches and body slides were great and the whole experience was incredibly arousing and relaxing, honestly I could have spent all day there and probably will if I win lotto on Saturday.

I should also point out she said if there is anything I would like then just to tell her and she would accommodate if she could (it’s a massage remember you jerks!!) but im pretty shy so I just kept it to myself and enjoyed the massage .. maybe next time

Anyway it was fantastic she is a witty and charming girl and I will definitely be back again in the new year.

Quote Originally Posted by wildthing
After reading the review by Brett(thanks very much) on Lacy a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I just had to check out Lacy for myself. So good was the experience of my first visit, that I had to return again this week.
Lacy is one classy young lady. She puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. She has a great personality and smile, and a body to die for.
Lacy knows how to put the “Sensual” into “Sensual Massage”. She has a magical touch and isn’t afraid to use her body to create a very sexy time.
This young lady is very special. I will definitely be back to see Lacy soon!
Quote Originally Posted by Brett

I had a couple of free hours today so paid a visit to *****. There were three girls available. Can’t spell the receptionist’s name, but she’s always been great and I entrusted her to recommend a girl who I’d get on with.

Lacey’s an 18yr old brunette, long hair, slim size 8, nice D cup, part asian. She speaks with an accent, but not an asian one – I won’t say what as she’s quite rare in NZ but she’s a great communicator. She’s pretty with an exceptional young body which she knows how to use. She smiles meaningfully, and makes good and comfortable eye contact.

I found it hard to believe that she’d only been in the industry for two weeks, and her confidence and behaviour on things sexual were more like a 25yr old. She definitely looks 18 as advertised, to me. We chatted very freely as she gave me a nice massage. There was good attention to make it a “sensual” massage, and I’d say for my first booking with her, there were a lot of “extras” that one would not normally get on one’s first visit (in my experience anyway). At one stage she said she was going to do something special, but I would have to behave – I won’t divulge what it was, as I don’t want guys turning up expecting things that she may not be comfortable with at the time. As they say YMMV, but she has a great attitude. She says she enjoys giving massages and things sexual so this is the perfect occupation for her. I’d have to say that her actions felt like this was the case. Very occasionally you find girls who are just going thru the motions, but this was exactly the opposite.

Lacey has the advantage of having amazing skin, being part asian – She felt amazing. Worth paying a little extra going full nude as your hands wander. Don’t know what the limits were, but I was respectful and she gave me a good time. I got her to let her long hair down which she did readily and she looked amazing in the light of those rock lamps on the hands and knees above me.  (I’ll admit I’m a sucker for this and have said the same about other girls) The ending could have been just a handjob, but she was open to interaction and although this wasn’t a full service, it was better than a lot I’ve experienced.

I’ve been with many of the highly regarded sensual massage ladies in Auckland and Wellington and would rate Lacey as up there with the best.

Quote Originally Posted by greenseamer
I’m with you all guys – Lacey is a bloody goddess!!!! Has to be #1
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Disclaimer: Let me start off by being upfront about the fact that I like Lacey, she is a awesome chick and we get on well (at least I think we do :P). Having said that im not the type of person who blows smoke up peoples asses, nor am I going to come on here and bullshit a review to help out a mate. I like to think I have a pretty good reputation on here and You are welcome to look back over my previous reviews and see that I always give an honest account of my experience. You will also see that I have had a massage from pretty much everyone in Auckland who does one haha … so I would like to think I know what I’m talking about

I have had a pretty bad run of massages of late as you will see from my recent reviews so I was excited to find out that Lacey was working again @ [establishment] I had seen her a few times before back when she was at [establishment] and she was easily the best there.

Wont bother talking about the premises I’m sure most of you have been there before, for those that have not. In summary

– close to town
– easy to find
– very discrete
– good shower

Right so the main problem I have had with my recent massages is you are getting your back rubbed and you get the odd erotic touch but it’s few and far between, you try to do a bit of small talk but that dies a horrible death. You start to get board and begin wishing you only booked 30 mins. You get rolled over and she goes straight for a handjob, often you just force an orgasm to get out of there.

Lacey does an excellent job of making your ‘face time’ pleasurable mixing both talk with erotic touches. The massage is sensual in every aspect and the time seems to pass by pretty quick, and while I often find my self looking forward to turning over it’s not for the reason started above

Once you are on your back the mood of the massages changes she is very playful and creates a very intimate atmosphere. She is responsive to you and picks up well on what you enjoy. The thing that got me hooked on sensual massages in the first place is the build up, a good massage is just constant stimulation for the entire hour leading up to an explosive relief.

As far as her appearance goes, not sure how else to say it other then she is fucking hot. She is what I call a lamp post, meaning that if she was walking down the street I would probably walk into one because I was looking at her. Her boobs are the perfect size and her ass is the type you just want to grab a hold of and hold onto haha, she has a cheeky smile and quite frankly is a horrible tease

I wont go into details but suffice to say I enjoyed a very erotic and intense hour.

Anyway the above may sound a bit gushy but believe me I am being objective based on my other experiences.

In summary, in this reporters opinion Lacey is by far the best sensual masseuse currently working in Auckland. And I would go so far as to say the last massage I had from here was probably the best massage I have ever had, and that is saying something.

Will I be back, hell yes
Do I recommend her, absolutely if you haven’t tried it you really are missing out.

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So I called Lacey earlier in the week to arrange a 2 hr booking with her as I hadn’t seen her in a while. Confirming on the day she offers to do a double with Dani for an hour for the same fee of $270. She promised that the double would be “seriously raunchy” and that I would “Not Regret It”- When a girl like Lacey says “Seriously Raunchy”, it’s SOLD as far as I’m concerned.

My first time at Mt Eden and the good instructions she txted me made the place easy to find. Very discrete and quiet rooms but parking some distance away on a side street, though discrete. The room was set out very much like at [establishment] and and in my opinion these premises are better than those at K’ Rd.

This review will be more about Dani as most will know Lacey is one of the best around with lots of good reviews and an all time favorite.

Back in the room I meet Dani for the first time. She’s just like her photos but very pretty too. The ads say she’s 25 but she could easily pass for 20, if that’s a good thing. As they go to work on my back, Dani could very well be a therapeutic masseuse – great pressure and she knows all the right spots and techniques. However she’s a bit naughty too, so it’s not just a good therapeutic massage that you could get at a good day spa for $50 less – a good balance in my opinion. Lots of bodyslides and lots of intimate skin to skin contact by both girls. Good attention to the balls and nether regions made things more interesting. Not as much as Ariella, but I find these two more attractive so the net effect is the same, YMMV.

I noted that at some stage they’d both stripped off and were completely naked. Unlike [establishment], for no extra fee or tip. I commented that I couldn’t see much faced down so Dani pops under the table and gives me my first view of her gorgeous naked bod . Then she takes my hand and runs it all over her curves!. Her ad says she’s an A cup but there’s plenty there to keep me happy. And she has one of the best butts in the business – the pics don’t do her justice. When I turn over she does a few reverse bodyslides and the view is gorgeous! She sits on my chest and my hands are free to wander all over her again and appreciate those curves. Meanwhile Lacey is working away further down… Both girls are great in being quite liberal with touching and client participation with “some” limits and I expect you need to be respectful.

Dani also has a very sexy voice and is quite the turn on with the British accent and dirty talk. It’s this communication and rapport that you don’t get when you go to the Asian massage places where it’s $60 for massage plus $40 for handjob and another $40 for full service. Like Lacey, Dani is one that you could return to regularly and get to know well – I’m quite sure she’d be a good investment. She’s not too shy to tell a client what she likes given it was our first booking. You can imagine where this leads….the finish was more like a porn movie than a sensual massage.

So as Lacey said “Seriously Raunchy” and no regrets whatsoever. Only decision will be whether we do a Bi Double next week or see both girls, one on one for an hour each!!

These two must be the most ideal sensual massage ladies I’ve come across. Both have stunning bodies and are coordinated and practised so they don’t look clumsy or awkward on what is a crowded massage table. They are blessed with silky smooth skin, love touching and being touched. They enjoy the sensual aspect of the massage enough to be giving and are Seriously Raunchy. And they have great attitudes and are focussed on fun and customer satisfaction.. And there doesn’t appear to be the necessity to tip….. What more could you want??

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Lacey hardly needs an introduction as she is regarded by many as the best in the business, unfortunately not advertising solo at the moment. Leila is quickly making a name for herself too.

Now put these two sexy ladies together and its not like adding 2 + 2, its not even just like multiplying 2 x 2 together, its more like putting 2 to the power of 2!!!!

Easy central location, nice premises, good shower and towels – all the most important stuff that I’m sure you are dying to hear about ?

Now I got to lie down whilst these two beauties smothered me with oil and rubbed themselves all over me. Man do they feel good. Soon its time to roll over and get to see the sexy ladies as they work away on my chiseled body

Nothing like lying there being treated like a king all the while the ladies appreciate each other as well. Now if you are going to do something you might as well do it well, so a two hour booking was made. This allowed time to treat each lady with some special attention as well

Wont give you all the details of the fun we got up to since I’m sure they will taylor each session for different clients. Suffice to say had a really awesome time and the girls are sexy as so you can’t go wrong. Get in whilst you can!!! They come with the Sabre Team Advanced Reconnaissance Member’s approval.

ps excuse the math joke

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I have had numerous massages over the last few years, all types, tantra, R&T but mostly SM, from private girls & establishments, mainly in Akld, from very talented woman, i even had one what i called a porno massage, but only one of those has been simulated sex, Claytons sex I guess, sex you have when you aren’t really having sex.
The closeness of intimate parts of each others body, the gyrating hip movement of a woman having sex, the movement of the hand on my wanga in sync with her gyrating hips.
That massage was from Lacey.
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what a dangerous thing is a bored punter and so curiosity got to much for me and so I rang to get a massage. Imagine my surprise when i got an appointment with Lacey straight away. I could not believe my luck.

Thank you Gentlemen you did not disappoint me and when the door opened i was meet by the beautiful nubile sexy young Lacey. Her flawless olive skin so smooth and silky it seemed as i had not yet touched it. Lacey very quickly put me to ease and soon had the shower running and waiting for me.

I don’t really want to say much about the massage, because i don’t want to spoil all the fun, other to say that if you do not enjoy it you are either moments from death or have a heart of ice or are just not honest with yourself. Lacey’s beautiful pert breasts and gorgeous nipples kept me entertained wonderfully and the rest of her body…….. all i can say is butlicious. Her skin as soft and silk as I imagined.

On a personal note thank you Lacey for a wonderful time i had a great time and all i can do is exhort all you other punters to book some time with her and those who don’t like Sm see Lacey to loose your prejudice. Lacey is a true 11 out of ten.

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Lacey is definitely one of the best – have had some fantastic times with her over a long period & am looking forward to catching up with her soon for more fun & games.
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After quite a few weeks of trying to get a booking with her, *I finally had the pleasure recently. I have seen her cpl times when she was on reception, so knew what she looked like: hottttttttttttt.*
I was extra nervous with her, probably because she is so*famous & uber gorgeous.*
It took me a very long time to relax, and it was quite funny at one stage as when she was doing ‘things’ with my bits very close to her bits I could tell (when I looked at her) that she wanted to say something about my heightened state of nerves, so I asked if I looked petrified. Her reply was, yea a bit, but don’t worry I’m not going to put it anywhere where it shouldn’t go. It was sooooo funny.*
Anyway, what else is there to tell about her massage that hasn’t been said many times, she is very attractive, ( I especially love olive skin), very very tidy body, and of course….boobs to die*
I usually write a novel, so here’s a shortened version*
instead:*L uxurious*
A wesome
C aptivating*
E rotic*
Y abbadabbadoo
** * * *at
L ustful*
B reath-taking (body)
D cup *-)M esmerising (mover)
T easerE cstatic*
D izziness (various states during massage)
E dible (allegedly, haha)
N umb (afterwards)Only thing to add, it was the strongest orgasm I ever had with SM, made my toes curl up from the energy, and this is fair dinkum: when it was down to the business end, with the closeness of her body, ( my bits close to her bits) and her gyrating movements, and how great it was, I had to take a sneaky look to make sure it wasn’t where it wasn’t supposed to be.*
If that was her standard massage, then I’m*in big trouble *if I get one of her raunchy massages.*
Hmmmm? This has turned into a novel after all. Ooops.*
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Well, long time lurker first time poster and I recently had first SM with both Lacey and Gaia. I have to say these a two very “tasty” ladies. They both made me feel totally relaxed straight away and seemed to be enjoying themselves, although I may never know if there really were….

I can’t wait to go back…perhaps just one at time next time around, the problem is which one!!

And I won’t comment on Gaia’s butt or Lacey breasts, other than to say both are outstanding!

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I’ve been away from the forum for around one month and still have a review to be done
I was lucky enough to get the appointment with the legendary Lacey (finally), as she was (and still, i guess) really busy and only had some ‘spots’ for the appointment.
And hell yes! I was really lucky! She is everything we can read from AF reviews about her! The best SM I’ve got so far. She is really nice, she can make us feel comfortable, even with her gorgeous face and killer body . And the thing I like about her, she really enjoy the session. The time flies really fast when you do a session with her, trust me!
I wish she will be back soon for doing the job, the only negative point is – looks like it will be hard to choose another girls for SM as she put a really high standard on the job.
Lucky I am not teenager anymore LOL, otherwise I am afraid I will be easily fall in love with her. Thanks for the session Lacey. And thanks for rubbing my back while I was showeringdb
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I am pleased to say that I got the chance to experience a Lacey massage this week (my first) and now have bragging rights.

I am writing this because I think that great service should be complimented upon. So even though this may run the risk of reading a bit cheesy in it’s praise, it is genuine. I don’t give out compliments too cheaply.

I was confident going into the massage that she would be a good girl, based on reading the many complements to her on this site. And I suppose I have taken an interest in her comments in return. Her PR work for [establishment] on here is likely cause for half of their success as a business, it would seem to me.

Meeting Lacy was great! She was a surprise in many ways. Hot and kind of exotic. Great body and also a looker. Easy to talk to and also interesting – certainly she impressed me. Really good body. Fit and in shape / sporty. I should have been massaging her, not the other way round. Her massage was good, body slides and things. Lots of flesh on flesh and warm oils. It was very exciting. To my embarrassment she caught me clock-watching at one point, but actually my clock gaze was in the hope that I had more time left.

To be blunt, I like the girls to be beautiful with fit bodies, confident, good at their work and have good manners. A bit upmarket perhaps. All these boxes were ticked and then some.

Anyway, if you have experienced Lacey’s massage you will know what I mean.

Lacey. Thanks. Loved it. I think I am converted to your sensual massage. I hope you do some more relieving…. xx

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Just another review of the amazing Lacey

I was back from an overseas trip not long ago, with all the sour necks, shoulder and back, I decided to have a good massage not FS. I used to go to a Chinese lady named Lucy for sensual massage, but I would like a change this time. After reading so many positive reviews of Lacey, I decided to give it a try. I tried to make a booking the other night, but unfortunately she was fully booked. And next day, I was lucky enough to book her for a 45 mins section.

Get there at 8pm which is normally their last booking section. Location is easy to find. Knock the door, welcomed by a lovely young blonde lady. She has a very good manner. As it is my first time to [establishment], I thought she might be Lacey, but she is not. At that moment, I totally don’t mind she is the one doing massage for me as she is a very lovely girl. Anyway, I pay the money and wait for couple minutes till the someone opening the door again. “Wow” that is my first impression about Lacey. She is a very gorgeous and beautiful lady. I am totally happy with her look and body. The photos on can not verify her beauty and body shape. I have to admit she is the most attractive sensual masseuse I have ever met. I will leave you guys some room for imagination. then I was taken to shower, it does have good collection of men’s shower gel.

Wait for couple minutes, Lacey came back to the room with massage oil.  I am not going into detail of her service. What I can say is she knows exactly what sensual massage is, and she does give one of the best sensual massage. Especially, when she is on top of me at the end, MAN! It feels like heaven. I nearly want to ask for FS at that point, but I know Lacey does not provide FS. Lacey does really know how to turn man on with her body language and some naughty talks. As a photographer myself, I shared lots of stories with her, and she is definitely a good responder and listener, we had a very good conversation.I had a very good 45 mins massage. I will definitely come back to see her again or one of the other girls if Lacey is fully booked. I am sure the other girls will have similar standard as Lacey does. Lacey gonna be on my returning list for a very long time.

Lacey, let me know when you want to do some photo shooting!! Lol…

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Went to see Lacey again today or more like yesterday… Things only get better with this lady. It was hooooot especially the little piece she wore when entering the room. Almost made me want to ask her not to take it off, but then again don’t want to ruin it with all that oil. Still easy to talk to and the massage went extra sensual soon after the conversation. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Can’t wait till next time
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Had the pleasure of one of Lacey’s SM’s last month…still cant get the image of her out of my mind…she is all that lot more. The new pic is stunning.
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Thanks for today Lacey! That was awesome.

For everyone else Lacey has the face and body of a goddess with an awesome personality to go with it! I totally saw what all the hype was about.

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I’ve finally found out all the talk about Lacey was all about and it was great… I was perusing around and I don’t know why or what made me go to [establishment] site last night, but I did and I just happened to see Lacey was available. I made a booking this morning and was glad she was available and booked for 1 hour (sad mistake, should have made a longer appointment)

Anyways after a shower I finally met Lacey face to face and to be honest I was quite surprised.  Let’s say her two parts makes an awesome whole. On comes the hot oil and the massage was a soft to medium touch pressure (just the way I like it) but if you’re after a stronger massage I’m sure she will accommodate. Through the massage it was so easy to converse with her she will keep the conversation going and ask you questions. Though it doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do, but I sometimes find some girls quite hard to converse with either they don’t know to string more than 2 sentences to an answer (but that could be because the question maybe too personal, so a woman wouldn’t want to talk back) or they don’t know what kind of questions to ask so there’s this period of no talking which makes it quite awkward… However you won’t get that with Lacey!! So the massage was nice pressure, plenty of body brushes and swipes, plus one big thing that I really like is when the masseur wants you to place your hands on her buttocks  and what an ass that was. Don’t get me started on her breasts, all I would say is they were perfect, nice handful and one of the best set of nipples I’ve ever seen o_o

Just enjoy yourself and communicate with Lacey and she will reciprocate. I think the one thing that makes Lacey so highly recommended is because she caters to your needs, well within a SM’s boundaries. Everybody says good things because she doesn’t have the same routine (actually this is just me guessing ) but I’m positive even in SM, a woman can’t do the same thing over and over and expect great reviews from everyone.

So finally to summarise:
Gorgeous girl – CHECK
Great body – CHECK
Nice touch – CHECK
Knows how to turn you on – CHECK
Left feeling like you’re on top of the world – ABSOLUTELY CHECK

RATING: 10/10 Definitely would go back, when she works again, which is not often…

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Along time ago in a galaxy far away(Auckland) I had a few hours to kill before a US flight and went for a SM. I didn’t know it then but the wonderful service was from Lacey.

Moving forward a few years and I was now living in Auckland for a year (put me of Latte’s and Air Kisses for ever) however I coud never synchronise with Laceys schedule who was now becoming legendary in her ability to relax, converse and do extremely wonderful things to people.

Imagine my surprise when she suddenly popped up in Wellington and the ease with which to arrange a booking. I have seen here twice recently, the first booking was a “get to know you session” – on both sides but the second comes down to eroticism personified. She knew which switches to hit and boy did she hit them.

She thoroughly deserves her great reviews and reputation and I hope that she will continue to visit us once she is back from Europe. Meanwhile I get to see her again on Tuesday- Bliss

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After spending the best part of 2 years trying to get my travel schedule to match lacey’s work schedule in Auckland
I finally got to meet her here in Wellington at [establishment] , All i can say is it was worth the wait,
from the moment she greeted me at the door she was simply charming,
when i finished my pre massage shower she was waiting in stunning bra and knickers and from then on she just got better and better,hotter and hotter, she has a stunning figure and knows how to present it , she gives an aaaaaamazing massage , and she is very witty to chat to and has a great head on her shoulders. Guys if you do nothing else this weekend go and see her you will not be sorry.I am hoping to see her again before she returns to AucklandLacey thank you for a great and pleasurable time,Zappy xxx
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Just had appointment with Lacey this afternoon from Auckland.
Pretty and hot face, great body, great attitude, superb service, well actually, everything from face, body, service from her was superb.
Will definitely book again either here or Auckland
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Dear Wellington punters,

Lacey is top notch. You’d be a fool to miss the chance. Great body, great personality and great looks. Sensual massage to die for.

You are welcome.

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Just by sheer chance I saw this thread yesterday morning and managed to see Lacey in the afternoon. Lacey has been on my Hobby Bucket List for some time – ever since she was at [establishment] Auckland and then {establishment] but I never managed to see her as she was semi-retired most of the time at [establishment] and when she did a shift the bookings were always snapped up.

What has not been said about her looks, skills and manner. She thoroughly deserves the superlatives I have seen in other reviews.

Definitely some one to see again. Hope for many visits to Wellington.

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No matter what the name, Lacey is the hottest and genuinely nicest young lady in town!
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Looks like dreams come true petal.
Having now had the pleasure of lacey’s hands on My sore neck and her bubbly personality and caring manner – I now wholly agree she well deserves the reviews and reputation as the best. High;y recommended.
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Everything positive that has been said about this young lady is spot on. She is fun and cute, and has what can only be described as a mind blowing body. I won’t say I am converted to an SM fan, but I am definitely converted to an SM with Lacey fan. Thanks Lacey, I had a great time, and you are definitely worthy of all your praise. I will be back for sure.
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I am no longer a first time punter thanks to this great lady!

WOW – what a fantastic experience – thank you so much

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I heard that the legendary Lacey had struck out on her own and was lucky enough to get to see her last week.

Without going into too much detail…

For those who don’t know Lacey is very cute
Very pretty, Very petite with possibly the cutest bum ever.

She’s great to talk to so even having a chat with her is enjoyable.


A massage from her is another level. Talk about sensual massage…

There was only one problem for me – I only got 45 minutes.

If you like the SM thing – You’ll love any time you get with Lacey

Boys – please treat her right.