New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Masseuse

Luvely Lacey

Luvely Lacey

New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Masseuse


I am a busy girl. Juggling my businesses and my personal life leaves me with very few moments for the passionate pleasure I so enjoy giving. For this reason I am not easily available for short notice bookings.

As of November 2021 I will no longer be accepting bookings longer than 3 hours as this impacts my new schedule adversely.

xx Luvely Lacey 


The Original Sensual Massage

For Those New To Me

For all first timers and occasional visitors. All Sensual Firsts include a shower before and after the massage, breast sweeps, bodyslides, full nudity, slow erotic stroking and relief.

30 Minutes – $210
45 Minutes – $230

1 Hour – $250

90 Minutes – $450

More Than A Casual Fling

For Friends With Benefits

This massage is for my champions (regular regulars) only. When contacting me please identify yourself so that I may let you know if you are entitled to this structure

30 Minutes – $180
45 Minutes – $200
1 Hours – $220
90 Minutes – $420

Nuru Massage

A Slippery Affair

A slippery affair includes a shower before and after the massage, breast sweeps, bodyslides, full nudity, slow erotic stroking and relief. This is done with Nuru Gel – a sexy, slippery gel.

30 Minutes – $270
45 Minutes – $290
1 Hour – $340
90 Minutes – $510

Tease & Please

Mutual Massage

Some people are “Givers” and like to interact a bit during a massage and fair enough! So with that in mind I now offer mutual massages where you can indulge in some favour returning.

30 Minutes – $260
45 Minutes – $300
1 Hour – $350
90 Minutes – $550


Extras are always at my own discretion and they do incur an additional fee. I do not discuss these outside of my sessions so please only ask about them at the start of your booking. If you ask via email I solemnly promise to ignore you. Completely.

Price can range from $50 to $300.
I don’t offer sex.

There is NO SEX or KISSING.
I have zero interest in contracting your diseases.

If You Know, You Know..

Undiscolosed Desires

This is 90 minutes of heaven with a double orgasm…However, due to the nature of these bookings that’s all I can tell you, the rest you will have to experience for yourself.

Please note full service or unsafe anything is not offered

90 Minutes – $550

120 Minutes – $650* 

*Not Available To First Timers

Change It Up

Falling In Reverse


Can’t contain yourself? Prefer to clear your head from the distractions of our nudity before settling in for some proper r&r? I get it, sometimes you need it right this minute.

Let’s indulge in the delicious privilege of each others bodies first, and ask questions later

45 Minutes – $230

1 Hour – $250

*Available to Friends With Benefits 

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Turned On

Tie And Tease

It’s in those moments before orgasm where exquisite torture and torment take place. Dance with me on the brink where pleasure wars with the primal instinct to surrender to me

30 Minutes – $230

45 Minutes – $250

*Advanced Notice Required

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice


Let my gorgeous friend and I spice up your daily monotony.
We do not offer Full Service

90 Min – $850

1 Hour – $550

45 Min – $410


Watch my beautiful friend and I reach new heights of rapture as we enter my dream world of carnal pleasures. Be enticed by the foreplay before joining us in climax 

Sweet +$100

Sultry +$200

Salacious +$400